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Your website's home page welcomes your online customers

Keeping your website crisp, clean, and well organized allows visitors to quickly locate information. Starting with the home page, RElistive designs help connect you with real estate customers from the moment they arrive.

Contact Info

Your contact information and photo remains prominent throughout the website to reinforce you and your brand to website visitors

Automatic Featured Listings

Using the data from your local MLS system, your website automatically updates your listing. There is no need to upload photos or information about each listing.*

Your listing customers will appreciate how quickly your are marketing their home online.

RElistive home page sample

Local Feel

By using photos from your local area, your website better reflects the feel of the local area and style of homes in your market area.

This subtle difference helps visitors familiar with the area instantly recognize that your site is tailored to them.

Company Recognition

Your company's brand is a powerful part of your marketing strategy. Your website should leverage that branding power so your visitors connect all of your offline marketing (yard signs, flyers, print ads) with your online presense.

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* Automatic featured listings requires that an IDX data feed is available in your area and included in your website package.