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Understanding how today's Internet search engines work can go a long way to attracting the over 80% of real estate consumers that start online.

Whether you're considering actively advertising on search engines through a pay-per-click program or looking to increase your organic ranking, we can help.

Our team has an extensive background in online advertising and how search engines work. We've successfully delivered real results for our clients and look forward to working with you.

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Understanding what happens when you search...

When a computer user is looking for information, they start at the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN Live. The user will type in a word or phrase that describes the information they need. For instance “San Antonio Real Estate” might be used by someone to find real estate related information in San Antonio. The search engines strive to give quality answers all consumers’ requests, and it is the search engine’s job to present the most relevent websites that are related to “San Antonio Real Estate”. Each search engine has a different way to identify the most relevant websites, but in general, they are basing their decisions on the words and text on the website, the popularity of the website and other identifying information that may exist on the site. These types of search results are commonly referred to as “organic search results”.

However, the search engines actually return two sets of results. The first set is the Organic Search Results described above. The second set of results is the Paid Results or Advertisements. Advertisements appear in different places depending on the search engine you use, but in general, they are in the shaded boxes on the top of the screen and down the right hand side. Advertisements are selected based on the price the advertiser is willing to pay, the search words or phrase the advertiser has selected as appropriate for their ads and the search engine’s belief that the ads are relevant to the search words or phrase entered by the consumer.

In all cases, there is no known formula that you can use to figure out which sites will be ranked highest in organic search results or paid search results. The search engines do NOT want website designers or developers to know as they could manipulate the results and the consumer would then be frustrated at being given useless or irrelevant websites.

Although there are no methods to “trick” the search engines to placing your website at the top of either organic or paid search results, there are several ligitimate methods to ensure your website is properly evaluated by the search engines. Often some basic changes to your website can have a dramatic effect on how high it ranks in the organic search results. Likewise, effective management of your pay-per-click campaign can move your ad into a cost-effective ranking in the paid results, possibly saving you money and still bringing you visitors!

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