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By partnering with RElistive, you CAN compete in a changing environment without becoming a technology expert. You know real estate; we know internet search and marketing: together we define success.

By providing high-quality, well-designed real estate websites and marketing services, our goal is to empower you to achieve real, measurable, results for your business.

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RElistive was formed in 2006 to address the needs of real estate professionals in a changing marketplace. We recognized the need to provide advanced tools and capabilities to real estate professionals that enable them to earn and capture their own internet leads. Based on our 20 years of combined experience in internet services, internet marketing and internet search, we began to analyze the real estate industry and work with real estate agents and brokers to design and refine our product offerings. By partnering in this manner, we can provide you with the best technology focused on the needs and goals of successful real estate professionals. More importantly, we remain committed to continuing this close dialog to evolve our products that make a difference in the capture and conversion of internet surfers into internet customers.

Executive Team:

The co-founders of RElistive have been involved in three key internet marketing players: Netscape, bought by America Online, who commercialized the website browser, Inktomi, a leader in search engines and Digital Impact who was the leader in email marketing. Put their internet marketing expertise to work for you!

Susan Bowen - President/co-founder

Susan Bowen has over 12 years experience in technology product design and development. She has worked on direct marketing technologies including an emphasis on personalized email marketing. Susan led database management and professional services groups at Digital Impact and enjoys working with customers to translate their needs into award-winning services. In addition to working at Digital Impact, she has worked in various technical and managerial roles at companies such as CSC and Friendster and worked as a consultant to several start-up and established companies. Susan holds a BS in Engineering Science and MS in Biomedical Engineering from University of Virginia and an MBA from Darden.

Steve Crusenberry - Co-founder

A veteran technology executive, Steve Crusenberry was formerly VP of Technology Services at Inktomi -- a major search engine technology provider. Steve brings a fierce commitment to customer service and high-availability operations to his management of RElistive. Earlier in his career, Steve has led customer service, IT, and operations at leading internet companies including Netscape, Digital Impact, Friendster and Bechtel.